We value play as an essential aspect of personal development and family connection. Our studio features a dedicated space for children to engage in creative play, interactive learning, and recreational activities. From the indoor play center, to art, music and sensory classes, to private birthday parties, we provide a stimulating environment where children of all ages can unleash their imagination, tap into their curiosity and have fun.

Children's Programs

Welcome to our enriching children’s classes that embrace early learning, sustainability, and curiosity! At Thrive Hive, we believe that every child is born with a natural sense of wonder and a thirst for knowledge. Our programs are designed to foster their innate curiosity, instill a love for the world around them, and provide a strong foundation for lifelong learning.


At Thrive Hive, the play center can be used in a few different ways, each catering to different needs of the family:

Parents Stay and Play with Their Child

This option allows parents to actively engage with their child while they play at the center. The child is under the parents’ supervision and is able to spend quality time with their child, strengthening their emotional bond and creating lasting memories through play.

Onsite Staff Supervision

Parents book time for their child in the play centre and onsite staff ensure the safety, security, and well-being of the child during their playtime. Parents are free to register in wellness class, book a therapeutic appointment in our onsite clinic, or schedule productive time in our coworking parent lounge. For this option parents do not need to stay in the children’s area, however they must remain within the Thrive Hive property.

Registered Children’s Programs

Thrive Hive offers a variety of registered programs that incorporate sensory exploration, art, music, movement, and nature. Parents can enrol their child in one of these programs, while they enjoy time in the parent lounge.